For many people walking is their main transport for journeys under a mile. It’s a healthy option and can be enjoyable and fun. For some people they use their walking time as “my time”


But did you know that the average time spent walking or cycling is only just over 11 minutes each day?*


Yet it is recommended that adults do 30 minutes a day of moderate intensity physical activity at least five times a week. Walking or cycling your short daily trips could achieve this target and give you a range of health benefits.


However, you still need to keep yourself safe whilst walking around the region.


Top tips


  • Wear comfortable clothing and flat well fitting shoes. You may want to keep a “posh” pair of shoes at work to change into and wear a pair of trainer to walk in.
  • Ensure the route you use is well lit and well used at the times you are walking at. Consider starting a walking group from people from work or from your neighbourhood.
  • Stay on the footpaths if there is one provided.
  • Use pedestrian crossing where possible – they are provided for your safety
  • Brighten yourself up - consider wearing bright coloured reflective clothes or carry a reflective bag. It may not be as fashionable but it helps drivers spot you on dark nights
  • Don’t use headphones whilst walking – be alert and listen out for traffic while crossing the road.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone – texting or talking on the phone draws your attention away for walking. You risk bumping into other pedestrians or obstacles and risk being involved in a crash if crossing the road
  • On rural roads without footpaths walk facing the oncoming traffic, in single file
  • Closely supervise any children or pets walking with you.
  • Ensure that children understand that roads can be dangerous places and that they need to keep close to adults
  • In warmer weather remember to take a drink with you and drink from it regularly
  • Be sure to get advice from your doctor before increasing your exercise if you haven’t done any for a while or if you have a medical history that is a cause for concern
  • Do build your walking up gradually if you haven’t been active for a while. Build up the distance and walking pace over time
  • Expect the unexpected! Don't automatically think that a driver has seen you.    


Note:- the average of 11.7 minutes per day has been taken from the Department for Transport publication – Trends in Transport 2006. It shows that over the last decade the average time spent walking or cycling per person per day has declined from 12.0 minutes to 11.7 minutes.