Partnership Information

Safer Roads Humber has evolved as a direct result of changes to funding streams in relation to casualty reduction. The new partnership has brought together the former Humberside Safety Camera Partnership, which was tasked to reduce speed and casualties at collision hotspots and the Roadaware Partnership, which was responsible for delivering the speed seminar diversion scheme.


The creation of the new Safer Roads Humber partnership has enabled a range of organisations to work closely together to tackle road safety issues across the region.


From April 2007 there ceased to be a link between fine monies being used for safety camera operations. Instead the Government introduced a scheme where the local councils in the areas received extra monies for road safety and part of it has been used to fund Safer Roads Humber. Any surplus monies from road traffic diversions scheme like the speed seminars are also used for road safety activities.


Safer Roads Humber is made up of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Highways England, Hull City Council, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Humberside Police, North East Lincolnshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council. The partnership also works closely with the Ministry of Defence School of Transport at Leconfield.


Safer Roads Humber employs a partnership manager, whose remit is set out below.

  • The partnership manager has day-to-day responsibility for financial planning and accountability, operational management and the running of partnership activities.

  • Compiles and submits (using information from SRH Team Members and Partners) extraordinary bids and reports.

  • Acts as secretariat for the Safer Roads Humber Policy Board.

  • Is responsible for the costing of partnership activities and the submission of an annual financial plan which compliments the partnership road safety strategy.

  • Is responsible for the deliverability of the Humberside Police diversion schemes.

  • Has budget management for Safer Roads Humber budget, including all camera operations and diversion schemes.

  • Acts as risk manager for the partnership.

  • Prepares and agrees partnership policy.

  • Ensures all partnership activities are intelligence-led, cost-effective and delivered on time and on budget.

  • Ensures the distribution of partnership assets and resources is accountable and is in line with all partners’ policies and procedures.

  • Acts as consultant for queries on speed detection equipment; Freedom of Information requests; legal issues; and traffic signs and regulations.

  • Undertakes community liaisons in and out of hours to address public, media, elected member and professional bodies’ concerns in relation to road safety, the use of speed detection and prosecution policy.


Our overall aim is to reduce the number of people killed or injured on our roads.