Further information

This section gives details of reports and documents published by the partnership and other road safety organisations. You can also visit other websites from the links section.


The following section is a summary of a number of policies that Safer Roads Humber adheres too.



The procurement of services and goods will be undertaken in accordance with the Standing Orders of each procuring Partner and will accord with EU procurement rules. The procuring Partners must demonstrate that the Parties have taken advice on whether EU procurement rules apply.  Implementation plans should take account of any procurement or competition time scales.


Freedom of Information

All Partners are public bodies for the purposes of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000.  Any enquiry under FOI to the Safer Roads Project Office will receive a direct response within the timescales dictated by the Act, after consultation with Partners where appropriate, as if it were a separate body.


For further information about the FOI Act, go to the Information Commissioner's Office.



The enforcement of the law often attracts complaints from those affected.  The majority of these can be dealt with within the day to day activities of the respective Partners. The majority of complaints will be directed at the Police and refer to enforcement and subsequent processing.  The Chief Constable of Humberside has determined that general complaints of this nature can be dealt with without the need to be recorded as “Direction and Control Complaints.” 


Complaints against employees of the Partnership will be referred to their respective organisations through the Project Manager who must be informed immediately of any such event.


Specific complaints which relate to the policies, practices, procedures or operational working of the Partnership will be referred to the Project Manager, who will respond accordingly.