Driving 4 change

This is offered to motorists committing certain offences and it is felt that the driver would benefit from a practical driving course to review their driving skills. This course is a practical on the road driving assessment with a Department of Transport approved driving instructor, in the instructor’s vehicle. Click here for further information.

For example:-

  • Failure to comply with traffic directions, e.g. failure to comply with solid white line markings, stop signs, no entry signs, red traffic lights etc.

  • Neglect of pedestrian rights e.g. failing to stop or overtaking on a pedestrian crossing

  • Not being in proper control of the vehicle

 How do I book my book my course in Humberside?

If you have been offered a Driving 4 Change course from Humberside Police you can book on-line, over the phone or by post.

Please read the booking instructions and our terms and conditions before you book your place.

However, due to the practical driving element on this course we recommend you ring 01482 399065 to book your place (Mon – Fri 9am -1pm). We will ask you some extra questions about your licence and the type of vehicle you require for the course.


What to take a course in another area?

Driving 4 Change courses can be taken in other locations in England and Wales. You can look at the course dates and availability by viewing the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme website. Please note this website is for information only, courses still have to be booked direct with the course provider.


Been offered a Driving 4 Change course from another part of the country and want to take the Humberside course?

If you have been offered a Driving 4 Change course by another police force area but want to take the course in Humberside, we may be able to offer you a place. You can book your place on-line but we recommend you ring us to book your place 01482 399065 (Mon – Fri between 9am – 1pm).


Contacting us

On-line booking system - www.hpsaferroadscourses.co.uk

By phone – you can ring us on 01482 399065 during the hours of 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday.

E-mail: The Central Ticket Office at



By post – please write to us at:-

Humberside Police,

Central Ticket Office,

Diversion Scheme Section,

PO Box 183,


East Riding of Yorkshire,

HU17 8GW


Personal Data

In deciding to offer you a driver safety course Humberside Police has checked your details against a national database to establish if you have completed a similar course within the last three years of this offence.


If you decide to accept the course and take it in Humberside we will hold your details.  If you take a course outside of the Humberside area your driving licence number and additional information will be passed to the course provider for that area.


If you complete the course, your details relating to this course will remain on file for road safety research purposes for a further seven years from the date of offence, after which any personal reference to you will be erased.


Your details will not be released to any other parties except a Police Force if they are considering making an offer of a course in the future or to those involved in the original offence, which is a legal requirement.


Your personal details will not at any time be made available to the public.


If you fail to complete the course or if the offer is withdrawn your personal details relating to this matter will be erased from the national database.