Safer Roads Humber

Welcome to the Safer Roads Humber website. This website has been created by a range of organisations in the Humber region to provide information to our local communities on using the regions road safely. It is a joint website so that we use our resources in the most effective way but there are pages specific for your area or interest.


Our over all aim is to make the regions roads safer. We are doing this in a number of different ways from engineering out problem areas for all road users, to raising awareness about road safety issues, to delivering education initiatives to a range of road users, to enforcing the law.  We hope that by working together ultimately the number of casualties and crashes across the region will reduce. 


We will continue to develop this website, but we welcome your comments on the website.


Driver safety schemes

Safer Roads Humber manages a number of driver and rider schemes including the speed awareness course, Ride course and driver alertness scheme.


For further information about all our courses click on the driver safety courses section on the right hand side. 


You can now book your driver safety course on-line if you have been offered a place by Humberside. 

Core Safety Camera Information

Safer Roads Humber has published the 2015 core safety camera information report.